Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine – Unbiased Review

Singer Sewing Machine 7258

After spending hours by our team for testing the best sewing machine, because our team has read thousands of reviews of Singer 7258 Stylist, on different selling websites and portals and we liked Singer Sewing machine 7258 Stylist. If you are new in this word then this post, sewing machine guide for beginners is very helpful for you.

Singer Company established itself in 1851 in the sewing world and now one of the famous and popular brands. Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine has a ton of stitch patterns and useful features. This model is perfect for every skill level, with no hassles while learning or stitching with this machine. Singer 7258 is an award-winning stylist computerized machine.

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Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine

The Singer 7258 Stylist is a perfect sewing machine for every skill level of sewing. Easy machine threading and automatic needle threading is very helpful to start and sewing project. You will love the easy to load to drop-in bobbin and the clear cover which allows you to monitor the thread supply. Sewing with singer stylist is smooth and easy whether you are using utility stitches, decorative stitches, or stretch stitches. This machine loaded with over 100 stitch patterns. The perfect stitch width and length are automatically selected for buttonhole.

Why choose Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine?

Singer 7258 Stylist is a smooth, quiet, and just reliable model because of its features and multiple stitch options. It is a low budget and HIGH TECH sewing machine. It has an advanced sewing interface.

 Singer 7258 Stylist is a beginner’s sewing machine. This model is a fast speed model and can stitch 750 stitches per minute. This is a heavy-duty machine and can stitch on thick fabrics easily.  This computerized sewing machine has integrated speed control along with a stop-start button

Singer 7258 Stylist
Singer 7258 Stylist

This sewing machine has a sewing light thread cutter. That’s why the Singer 7258 Stylist is our best value in sewing machines. There is an easy to load the top drop-in bobbin and the clear cover which allows you to monitor the thread supply. Sewing with the singer stylist is smooth and easy whether you’re using utility stitches decorative stitches or stretch stitches

Singer 7258 Stylist
Singer 7258 Stylist

This sewing machine is comfortable for both beginners and professionals because selecting a pattern stitches is easy with this electronic machine. The perfect stitch width and length are automatically selected for buttonholes. This machine has complete control of the speed without the foot controller. The automatic needle threader is the biggest time-saver. This machine has an easy to load top drop-in bobbin system with a clear cover bobbin. Bobbin is very much clear visible with the transparent cover.

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The programmable needle up/down is great for quilters. The darning and embroidery foot is great for projects like free-motion sewing. An LED light illuminates the sewing surface for optimal viewing and this is a long-lasting bulb with a capacity of 100,000 hours. Never worry about the overfilling of a bobbin because stop bobbin will automatically stop turning when the bobbin is completely filled. This machine can make 76 decorative stitches, 8 stretch, 9 basic and 7 built-in buttonholes.

Sewing thick fabric is one challenge itself with a basic sewing machine. If you have purchased a basic machine then this post may be helpful for you.

What you get with Singer 7258 Stylist?

  • 100 different stitch patterns
  • Six different styles of buttonholes
  • Integrated speed control
  • Thread cutter
  •  Instructional DVDs
  • Soft case for storage
  • Automatic needle threader
  • A whopping nine extra sewing feet
  • Large variety of presser feet and accessories.
  • Easy machine threading and automatic needle threading
  • Automatic stitch width and length adjuster
  • Six fully automatic one-step buttonholes accessories
  • There are ten pressure feet
  • Instructions manual
  • The sewing machine box
  • Singer dust cover
  • The singer Quick Start Guide
  • It comes with needles and four bobbins
  • An auxilary spool pin
  • It comes with a two-spool pin, and spool pin cap
  • It comes with a buttonhole opener
  • A brush, A screwdriver, Needle plate, A darning plate, 10 different preset feet, a foot pedal, and a cord,
  • Quick Start Guide
Singer 7258 Accessories
Singer 7258 Accessories

Who Should Buy Singer 7258 Stylist Model?

This machine is for everyone from beginners to professionals.

This machine is perfect for those who want a professional machine in small budget

Households females or tailors who want to sew decorative items.

Beginners who have no stitching experience and start to learn to stitch.

This machine is perfect for those who want to sew on thick fabric.

This machine can stitch on leather items easily.

SINGER 7258 Features and Specifications:

Stitch Options: Selecting 100 stitch options and 6 different styles of buttonholes, make this machine user friendly. There’s a lot to choose from and whether it’s a basic straight stitch or something decorative. You’re gonna like it all the stitches are preset in the machine though you can alter the width and length manually.

singer 758 stylist
singer 758 stylist

Buttonholes: Create buttonholes for your projects in one easy step, just set your machine to buttonhole place, your button on to the automatic one-step buttonhole foot and your machine will sew the buttonholes in the same direction. This machine will make your buttonholes perfectly without shifting.

Presser Foot Set: This Singer sewing machine comes with a large variety of presser feet and accessories. You get an all-presser foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, narrow hem foot, straight stitch foot, blind hem foot, darning and embroidery foot, gathering foot, satin stitch foot,

Product description:

Weight: 18.85 pounds

Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches

Warranty: Limited, 25 years, 1year since the date of purchase the after-sales service is for free 100 stitch patterns

LED lighted screen

Push-button stitch selection

There are some pros and cons for every sewing machine. Singer 7238 has also some pros and cons.

A self-explanatory YouTube tutorial is very helpful for beginners. So people who want to train their children they purchase this machine. This machine generates a little bit crunching sound.
Good sewing speed, it can sew 750 stitches per minute. The speed of sewing is adjustable according to your needs, as well as the width and length of the stitch. Some time it caught thread in the bobbin
Automatic needle threader; adjustable sewing speed The machine has a self-threading option; it may take little time to understand.
This machine is useful for small businesses at home, it could be sewing of handbags, sewing training center, repairing of clothes or alterations in any dress to make it fit for the body. The machine has a self-threading option; it may take little time to understand.
PUSH BUTTON STITCH SELECTION: – This simple push-button helps to select the desired length and width of stitches. Our reviewers gave it a B for being relatively easy to use
The company provides DVD and instructional manual which helps to understand about machine, machine parts and step by step guides to make your machine ready. Its motor runs a little loud at sixty-nine point nine decibels at the highest speed setting and while it might not be the quietest machine
It carries multiple varieties of stitching options, metal frame, and 10 different preset feet options.
Singer 7258 is a great sewing machine option for beginners because of its automatic features.
It carries a variety of design patterns; this model allows to create both functional and creative embroidery
Easy to operate because of automatized functions
Singer 7258 is totally ‘high tech’ sewing machine
Sufficient space for the foot pedal and power cord next to the machine.
People love the auto sewing and auto tension feature of this machine
Anyone can learn this machine comfortably.
People love the different sewing options of this machine. 
Anyone can carry this machine in a bag due to lightweight.
The start/stop button helps while teaching or training to smaller sewists.

Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Guide for Beginners

Here is a simple guide when you start stitching as a beginner, First of all, plug in the power cord, plug in the foot control and turn the machine on. Check that your machine light is on. There is a hand wheel that you will always turn towards. Now Check properly and go through your machine, bobbin winding stopper, bobbin winding spindle, the carry handle, the spool pin where you we’ll put the spool of thread, tension disc, a metal threading guide,  another metal guide, tension dial which allows you to fine-tune the look of stitches and the take-up lever this is very important when we thread the machine.

There is a reverse lever in Singer 7258 Stylist which helps sew-in Reverse. There is a  speed control that allows you to set the maximum speed of your machine, if you turn it right the machine will stitch faster and when to turn to left the machine will work slower.

The programmable needle up/down button which allows you to choose whether or not to have the needle stop in the up or down position. The start/stop button will help you to stop sewing without the foot control on the machine down.

When you stop sewing the start/stop button which allows you to so without the foot control on the machine down

This machine uses class 15 J bobbins please be careful while purchasing a bobbin from a store, purchase only class 15 J bobbins.


I hope you have read all the pros and cons of Singer 7258 Stylist. It is a small budget sewing machine and the features provided by the company are pretty enough in this kind of budget. If we look at the budget, then it is a good option for beginners and professions. If we are ready to compromise for 2 or 3 small points, then this machine has a lot of qualities.