How to sew thick fabric with a home sewing machine with changing presser foot?

presser foot
presser foot

Purchasing a sewing machine is very easy but stitching on different fabrics with this machine is very hard. You may be one of them, who are facing problems while sewing on thick fabrics with a simple home sewing machine. Here are multiple solutions and changing presser foot is one of them.

How to Select a Sewing Machine as a Beginner?

There is a best practice before purchasing a sewing machine as a beginner and I hope you might have followed that best practice and purchased the best sewing machine as a beginner. When I purchased one of the beginner’s lightweight and small budget brother cs6000i , I am very happy with this machine. But when I started stitching with this machine I found some difficulty while stitching on thick fabric and leather items because I never thought the role of presser foot in this problem.

This machine is a good machine for beginners and households. Repairing clothes at home, stitching thin fabric, stitching pillows or stitching clothes for kids at home is very easy at home with this. But most of you have faced the problem with this machine or any other home machine that while the machine is not working properly on thick or leather fabric. Don’t worry keep reading we have a solution fo this problem.

Stitching Thick Fabric with Home Sewing Machine.

These kinds of simple machines can stitch on simple or thin fabrics but when we started stitching on thick fabric and put thick fabric under the presser foot, the presser foot lifted high due to thick fabric and tension loosed and released unexpected thread. This issue started with thick fabric and denim fabric because presser foot lifted up and tension is not set and the machine started to make bird’s nest under the fabric.

How to Set Tension for Thick Fabric?

If we discuss about the tension, it should be equal on both the lower and upper side so that stitches looks the same on both sides of the fabric. Keep higher tension for thick fabric or leather items and lower tension for thin fabrics.  Incorrect tension can create sloppy or loose stitches.  If you see in the example here in the image, both tensions are loose so it doesn’t really look many good stitches due to loose tension.


These are little bit sloppy and zig-zag stitches on both sides of the fabric. Too high and too loose tension, both are not good for stitching. So if your fabric is puckering or gathering chances are your machine tension is tight and when you set correct tension, you are not really supposed to see any sloppy or zig-zag on both sides of your fabric.

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How to Set Your Sewing Machine for Leather Stitching?

 One of the common question we received a lot of time in our comment box that, “Will a normal sewing machine sew leather?” and the answer is “Yes” Before you start stitching on leather or thick fabric, make sure you have set the setting of your machine and use the correct size of needle for leather or thick fabric. ( 18/110 and 19/120  sewing machine needles are  good for leather)  Presser foot plays a major role while stitching on leather or thick fabric. Set your presser foot at 1 or 2 number while stitching thick or leather fabric.  Choose a perfect presser foot for thick fabric. Purchase a separate set of presser foot if the company has not provided it with the machine. Use nylon thread for leather fabric stitching. Here is a recommendation for presser foot

How to Take Clean and Nice Stitches from a Home Sewing Machine?

If you want clean and nice stitches then set your tension and presser foot according to your fabric. A small mistake may spoil your day and you may be a victim of headache.  This is all a little bit about the importance of tension for any kind of fabric. But yet to discuss the solution we found against the problem that brother cs6000i is not working well on thick and jeans fabrics. This question, we have received on multiple forums, on our blog comments, Quora or the eCommerce website review comments.

We experimented a lot about it and searched the solution about this machine that how can we stitch on thick fabric without any zig-zag or sloppy stitches. In starting we thought that replacing this machine is, maybe one solution or giving up the idea for stitching on thick fabric may be second idea. But this was not the best solution we found.

How Presser Foot Helped me for this Problem?

Then I met my friend who is an expert in stitching for a long time and he gave me the best suggestion about this problem. He is a professional sewer for the last 10 years. He told me that he always keep an extra set of a presser foot for each fabric and never faced this kind of problem in his career. And this was the simple solution to this big problem. We purchased a set of universal presser foot from Amazon and we get rid of this problem. Here I am putting this Amazon link for your ease please check the current price before purchasing it.

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Use a new set of the presser foot, raise a little bit lever of the presser foot and put the thick fabric under the presser foot, make the tension at a high level and start stitching on thick fabric or leather item. You will definitely surprised that your home sewing machine is working now just like an industrial machine.

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