Brother CS6000i Sewing machine – Unbiased Review

Brother CS6000i Sewing machine  – Unbiased Review

Brother CS6000i – Unbiased Review

Assuming, if you are reading this post, definitely, you will be searching for a machine that is suitable for you. You may have read a lot of reviews and buying guides on the internet, might have got some knowledge from your known or your friends, but yet not satisfied what to buy or what not to buy.

Well, you are on the right page and today you will find yourself some relaxed to take quick decisions about buying a machine. If you are a beginner then this post “Sewing Machine Guide for Beginners” will definitely help you. The product I am going to unveil is well known and from a well-known company Brother.  Today I am going to review a product and that is “Brother CS6000i Sewing machine”.

This sewing machine review will help you to find your product as per your needs and passion. You may be thinking, that why I am taking so much time to give a clear picture about your product (Brother CS6000i ), yes you are right, but I am also not completely wrong, because it’s my core responsibility to explain everything about Brother CS6000i, which I have gathered information while doing R&D on this product.

Before you step out from home for shopping anything, you should have a proper buying guide before purchasing any product. This buying guide will help you to prevent you from becoming a fool in the market, because everyone wants to sell their product in the market and no one will tell the drawbacks of their product, except praising their product.

Another benefit of buying a guide is, you will, definitely aware of your purchasing range, why you are buying this product, what kind of needs you want to fulfill from this product and is this product suits your requirements. Blaaa… blaa……..

Why you should purchase Brother CS6000i machine?

You may be a beginner or an expert in this field and looking for a sewing machine in the small budget because sewing machine is becoming more and more popular among those who prefer to save their money, not spending it like water on expensive brands, and create something new with the help of a functional, accurate and reasonably-priced sewing device!

Look at Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine, which has already established its solid position on the market and got lots of positive reviews from its long-term and new users! This model is especially good for beginners because of its simplicity in operation and a wide range of interesting and useful functions. 60 stitch patterns are included in the computerized memory of the CS6000i, so that users are free to choose a design and enjoy a smooth process of sewing! 

You just push a necessary mode on a lit LED touch screen and the machine automatically begins to sew. The device easily operates on practically any type of fabric, allowing to embroider either bedclothes or knickknacks or to put labels, monograms or family marks on the tissue! This wise assistant also offers the necessary width and length of the stitch, creating the «ideal» one, and automatically chooses the necessary tension for stitching foot.

At the end of sewing, you can easily adjust the stitch with the help of a reverse stitching button. The working area is provided with an arm space, which adds convenience to your work, especially when you’re dealing with heavy fabrics. Also, the free arm attachment is a removable arm – you can easily sew small items, or cuffs, or lapels there! The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine allows choosing from 7 different buttonholes and is provided with a needle threader, that works automatically, and a winding bobbin, that is amazingly easy to change and clean!

What’s more, this wonderful and easy in usage device, especially with an explicit, user-friendly manual and a DVD tutorial, is provided with a fabulous additional accessories, like a walking foot or quilting foot, and all this above the obligatory accessories package.

While it works, the machine produces hardly any voice, so that be sure it won’t annoy you at all! And this CS6000i confirms is status of being portable, with a hardcover included, and pretty lightweight! Just try it, and you will understand that this device fully justifies its reasonable price, being both productive and highly reliable. Whether you’re a professional seamstress or a beginner in this interesting world of sewing – this Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine will come up to your expectations!

Product Name

Wher to Buy

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i is a great machine to stitch the stretchable knits, lycra, yoga wear and can be used on light and stretchy materials. One my friend told me that he made a doll hoodie of fleece and that turned out well with binding on edges, in other words, this machine sews fleece fabric well around ¼ inch, even this is a great machine for hemming t-shirts.

This machine worked well on heavy materials also, one my friend tried it on drapery material and it worked well. This machine comes with a power cord and runs on eclectic power 110 volt. The company provides a plastic bobbin case with the machine and it uses SA156 size Brother bobbins.

I hope you have understood the beauty of Brother CS6000i. If you are a beginner, you have lots of opportunities to utilize this machine. Few of them may be, starting a sewing coaching center, boutique work from home, start making kids dress at home, starting a fashion boutique business.

Brother CS6000i is user-friendly and the Manufacturer Company made this machine very comfortable to use for anyone. There is no money waste if you purchase this machine because if you are not too much familiar with sewing just like a professional, you can save a lot of money with repairing or altering your dress at home, or you can make some decorative items for your home or office with implementing your creativity. And even more, you can make pillows, pet clothes, and pet beds, and blankets, bags for wheelchair or walker.

Don’t miss this opportunity to show your creativity in the sewing world. Buy any of a good sewing machine, that suits for you, and start learning, I bat, you will be a professional within one or two months if you have a passion to learn it. And when you will be a professional sewer, you can earn enough money at home to start your living at home.

Sew any fashion, costumes, home decor items, accessories, and leather goods or make your clothing, gift items with your creativity. Start a shop for kid’s dresses, school bags, school dress or birthday dress.  Brother CS6000i is very comfortable to start these items.

Brother CS6000i Machine Specifications are:

Machine dimension is 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches

Machine Weight is 18.7 pounds

Built-in sewing stitches are 60

Decorative stitches styles are 7

Total Presser feet are 9 (buttonhole, overcastting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag

Blind stitch, button fitting, walking, spring action quilting foot)

Hard machine case 1

Quick printed start guide and manual

Instruction DVD

Warranty 25 Years

User-Friendly / Portable Problems with the tension
Quilting MachineThis may not be a perfect machine for heavy-duty sewing.
(But purchasing some separate heavy-duty denim needles can solve this problem)
Affordable Price RangeSometimes doesn’t work properly on thick fabrics
60 built-in sewing stitchesSome time fabric gets jammed under the needle
7 styles of one-step buttonholesThis machine is perfect for occasional sewers
9 Presser feed / Buttonhole / OvercastingSmall Harp/Throat Space
Monogramming /Zipper / ZigzagNo right needle position
Blind Stitch / Button Fitting
Spring action quilting foot
Detachable wide table
Backlite LCD display
Automatic needle threader
Easy to Follow threading diagrams
Adjustable sewing speed control system
Brightly lit sewing area
Free Arm / Hard machine case
Instruction manual / Instructional DVD
25 Years Limited warranty
Start/stop/reverse button
Free customer phone and online support
Made with plastic metal and lightweight
Nice sound / top load bobbin / Snap-on feet
Works great on cotton, cotton blends, silks, satin, knits, and canvas

Product Name

Wher to Buy

Brother CS6000i

Final Verdict

We recommend “Brother CS6000i” sewing machine for beginners and home sewers. This machine has a lot of features for the help of beginners or who want to learn sewing. Computerized features, automatic needle threader, adjustable sewing speed and start/stop/reverse button is very useful for beginners.

The maximum part of this machine is made of hard and good quality plastic, so it’s a lightweight machine and comfortable and easy for portable. So, this machine is a good option for them who travels a lot and works as a freelancer. Anyone can learn sewing on this machine in the beginning without any hassles. This machine is a good option for them who wants to use it as a gift for their children, grandchildren, friends or any other lovings. When you purchased this machine, here is a guide on how to sew on thick or leather fabric with this machine.

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